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Haack's Networking

Haack's Networking is a networking and security firm that leverages Free Software principles to serve educators and small businesses. When new tutorials or workflows are developed, Haack's Networking will typically introduce those to the community on its Technology Blog. Since blog entries were written at a certain point in time, they ultimately age and become out of date, however, the corresponding entries on this Wiki will be maintained and updated. For those who share the passion for Free Software, Haack's Networking hosts both Mastodon and Matrix communities. Additionally, Haack's Networking sponsors a student Hacking Club - and associated self-hosted Gitlab CE repository - where configuration files, scripts, and/or code for GNU/Linux projects can be found. Here's what we offer:

Self-Hosting Solutions

Tutorials on self-hosting common services and/or instances, including ways of virtualizing and automating those solutions.


The tutorials below pertain to network connections/storage, monitoring, or hardening. They may or may not be self-hosted solutions.


These tutorials have no proper home. They could extensions of tutorials above, random topics, and/or other notes from random jobs/tasks.


These tutorials all have to do with storage whether that be how to setup RAID, check for the health or integrity of physical devices, or manage backups/versions.


These are official projects that are supported by Haack's Networking as an official maintainer and/or developer.


Haack's Networking uses Debian when/if given the choice, but that luxury is not always available. Some ecosystems require diving into other operating systems.

2024 (C) Jonathan Haack DBA Haack's Networking

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GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3.

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