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This tutorial is a collection of syntax and tips for using smart tools on Debian. The following command runs a short test. Change the verb after the -t flag to long in order to run a long test. You can optionally add the -C flag to run the test in the foreground.

smartctl -t short /dev/disk
smartctl -t short -C /dev/disk

To check a drive for what it supports or does not, use the -i flag for information about the drive.

sudo smartctl -i /dev/disk

If time is an issue, use the -c flag to check how long the test will take.

sudo smartctl -c /dev/disk

To see the results of a test you ran in background mode, use the -a flag to see all the historical records on the drive in question, including the test results.

sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdc

To only look at the test results, use the following syntax:

smartctl -l selftest /dev/disk

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