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This tutorial is for setting up a BBB instance using their installer script. In my case, this instance will run in a virtualized environment on a physical host with a symmetric gig connection.

Step #1

Okay, so I installed a clean Ubuntu 18.04.6 on a VM with 8 processors and 16GB RAM. I used the install script found at the BBB documentation/install website:

wget -qO- | bash -s -- -v bionic-230 -s -e  -a -w

After this completed, I checked for errors and as directed ran sudo bbb-conf –check. It's not time to debug BBB yet, as Greenlight, which manages users and accounts, etc., is not even configured yet. however, it is time to debug failures on the install script, and one part that always fails for me is the Let's Encrypt portion. I just ignore it, however, and then run the following commands manually:

sudo apt install letsencrypt python-certbot-nginx
sudo certbot --authenticator standalone --installer nginx -d --pre-hook "systemctl stop nginx" --post-hook "systemctl start nginx"

This lengthy script does what the BBB script does not do properly, and what many other users forget to do, which is properly start and stop the webserver during automatic setup and/or properly start/stop during manual setup. It was posted by someone long ago on the ACME git, and it still works cherry. After fixing this (yep, it worked again), I then finally could run sudo bbb-conf –check. The output revealed that …. — oemb1905 2021/10/29 22:04

mkdir ~/greenlight
cd ~/greenlight

If you lock yourself out of admin account after a vanilla install.

docker exec -it greenlight-v2 bash
bundle exec rails c
User.find_by(email: "<email of user to reset>").update_attribute(:password,"<new password>")

Disabled ipv6 since BR does not support. Open the xml file and change the line to listen to local host only.

nano /opt/freeswitch/etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/event_socket.conf.xml
<param name="listen-ip" value=""/>

Starting greenlight:

cd ~/greenlight
docker-compose up -d

oemb1905 2022/07/15 23:22

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