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-This tutorial is for folks who have need for a [[|Big Blue Button]] instance.  In my case, I am teacher and I need reliable digital instructional platform that is also full of features ... and floss.  BBB is the only choice for these requirements.  Moreover, it also helps with a specific //thinking routine// I developed, called [[|Inquirer Presenter Scribe]].  The platform and the approach together provide a rich opportunity for mathematical seminar and other forms of pedagogy.  This service will, furthermore, be available to all New Mexico educators for free - schedule details will be released when/if the project reaches full maturity, which we hope it will. This will be the official wiki for documentation of configs, setup, etc.  The status page and client functionality update site is located [[|here]] at my business website which oversees the project.  Alright, more later folks.+This tutorial is for setting up BBB instance using their installer script. In my case, this instance will run in virtualized environment on physical host with a symmetric gig connection.
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