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ctl-r         read -open file curr. buffer, or new in multibuffer mode, enter4new empty buffer
ctl-o         writeout i.e. save file
cctl-x         exit i.e. quit; also exits from buffer in multibuffer mode; asks writeout/save
ctl-g         get help/aid/assistance
enter, ctl-m  newline
bksp, ctl-h   delete previous character
del, ctl-d    delete current character
left, ctl-b   backward character
right, ctl-f  forward character
home, ctl-a   beginning of line
end, ctl-e    end of line
up, ctl-p     previous line
down, ctl-n   next line
pgup, ctl-y   previous page
pgdn, ctl-v   next page
m-space       previous word
ctl-space     next word
alt-\         beginning of file
alt-/         end of file
ctl-c         display cursor position
ctl-/         go i.e. jump to line and column
ctl-^         set/unset mark; or alt-a
alt-^         copy marked, or copy line if nomark; actually alt-6 i.e. do not need shift key
ctl-k         cut marked or cut lineifnomark or cut2end line if cut2end is enabled using          
ctl-u         paste cut or copied
alt-t         cut to end of file
ctl-w         search
alt-w         search again
alt-r         search and replace
alt-<         previous file buffer; actually alt-, i.e. do not need shift key
alt->         next file buffer; actually alt-. i.e. do not need shift key
alt-x         toggle bottom help display
alt-y         toggle color syntax hiliting;colors config via /usr/share/nano/*.nanorc files
alt-c         toggle cursor position display
alt-d         toggle dos/unix format option at writeout/save prompt
alt-k         toggle cut to end of line
ctl-t         show file list at read/open prompt
ctl-x         prompt for external command to execute at read/open prompt and insert output
ctl-z         suspend to shell; use fg to return

This tutorial is a designated “Invariant Section” of the “Technotronic” section of Haack's Wiki as described on the Start Page.

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